now part of Gillingham Walkers are Welcome 

An informal group set up for those who wish to walk in the area of Gillingham, Dorset.

Walking group aims

The group was formed in 2004 under the Walking for Health initiative.  It is now independent (see News item) but the original objectives are still being followed:

Offering led health walks for beginners

Paying attention to health and safety standards and maintaining insurance cover

All our regular walks are led by trained Volunteer Walk Leaders most of whom have also undertaken basic First Aid training.

"Terms and conditions" of walks


NO commitment

NO subscriptions

NO fees

JUST TURN UP as often as you want

ALL we ask is that, if you have any health issues, you check with your doctor before coming along

AND that you complete a brief Welcome Form the first time you walk with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can I bring my dog?

A.  We ask walkers not to bring their dogs, the exception being Assistance Dogs. 

Q.  If the weather is bad, will the walk be cancelled?

A.  Not usually.  We walk in all weathers, but if ice or snow cause the ground underfoot to be treacherous we will cancel for safety reasons. 

Q.  Can children join the walks?  Can I bring a baby or toddler with me?

A.  Yes, children are welcome provided they are able to walk the distance due to be covered,         but we do ask that those under the age of 15 are accompanied by a responsible adult.  We will do our best to accommodate walkers with babies and toddlers but suggest you telephone us before coming along, to discuss the practicalities.

Q.  Can vulnerable adults join the walks?

A.   Yes, vulnerable adults are welcome to attend.  However if they need help to ensure they can complete the walk - walking aids, assistance dogs, carers to accompany them, etc. - they must bring that person or walking aid with them.  They may need to ask before the start of each walk whether the planned route involves any obstacles that might cause them a problem. 

Q.  Are walks held on Bank Holiday Mondays?

A.  Yes.  The only exception is when Christmas Day falls on a Monday, when no walk will be held.

Grassroots Grant



The group has benefited from a Grassroots Grant awarded in 2010 for Walk Leader Training.


Waitrose Community Matters

The Group was one of the nominated local causes in October 2011 and is grateful for the resultant funding.  This will be used to pay for further Walk Leader Training and publicity to try and set up a Half Hour Walk scheme, and for future Walk Leader and First Aid training.

Contact Details


Sheila Messer  01747 821269

email:  [email protected]


Penny Peat  01747 823774

email:  [email protected]

Social Team Leader

Michelle Collicott 07787 835046

email: [email protected]

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